Guidebook Caves and Canyons of Haiti - Sud Department

11 February 2019 - by Olivier Testa

The Ministry of Tourism in Haiti is proud to release this guide book written by Olivier Testa.
48 pages, released in 3 versions (english, french and spanish).
photos: Serge Caillault, Jean-François Fabriol, Olivier Testa, Philippe Stephenson
translations: Carole Devillers (en), Belèn Lopez Araya (es)

With its karst plateaus, its gorges and its valleys, its chasms, its caves and its resurgences, the Sud Department is a little paradise for cavers and adventurous hikers.
The canyons and cavities selected for this guide are the best suited for the discovery of this geological heritage diversity.
The proposed caves and canyons have progressive technical levels starting with Grotte Geffrard accessible to all, up to Trou Zombi and its 90-m vertical pit reserved to confirmed cavers.
This guidebook is the culmination of a project of promotion of the caves and canyons of Southern Haiti, implemented by the Unite Technique d’Execution of the Ministry of Economy and Finances and the Ministry of Tourism, with funding from the Inter-American Development Bank.

with : Cave Marie-Jeanne (new map), Grotte Soulas (first description), Ravine Blanche (exclusive), Trou Zombi (first description), Canyon Casse-Cou (first description), Grotte Kounoubwa, grotte Geffrard...

You can download the full guidebook at the bottom of this page

Pages from the guide

Localization map of the main caves in the South of Haiti
Trou Zombi, a huge shaft
Canyon Ravine blanche


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