Promotion of the cultural underground heritage in the caves of the Nippes
Fondation de France

10 January 2012 - by Olivier Testa

A new phase of our project aiming at promoting the caves of Haiti will be launched in 2012. Called "Research and promotion of the cultural underground heritage of the Nippes department" this project has just received the support of the Foundation of France via FIL Culture Haiti’s call for projects. It will be undertaken conjointly by Carole Devillers and Olivier Testa with the Foundation Françoise Canez Auguste as the supporting structure.

The objective is to study the cultural heritage (pre-Columbian, historical, contemporary) present in the caves of the Nippes department touched by the earthquake - an heritage of great interest, yet little-known – and to heighten the local artists awareness of their region’s artistic roots, mainly Taino art. We will explore, photograph and study the caves as well as organize a photo exhibit at the Parc historique de la Canne à Sucre in Port-au-Prince.

The project will start in the first semester 2012

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